Finally found a name I can get behind!

Someone made a comment in one of my facebook footpic albums that unintentionally sounded like the best name ever to me!

“You could be starting a world-wide trend – better jump on board with “both” feet!”
-KJuergen There
And there it is…With Both Feet!
It seems to encapsulate a lot of what I’m going for. There’s the required foot reference but it also implies jumping in! Getting out and doing things! There’s a generally positive and fun sentiment behind that idiom, but there is also an element of work to it. And the synonyms are great! (Who doesnt love a good synonym)
…bite the bullet, choose one’s fate, leap into the breach, leave a crossroads, make one’s move, take the bull by the horns, take the plunge. DO IT! Anyway I like it. I can work with this. Time to jump in…with both feet.

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