Why Footpics?

My feet are taking me all sorts of places I wouldn’t have bothered going and caused me to look at things I wouldn’t have stopped and noticed.
I started taking footpics in a moment of calm happiness on a low day when I didn’t have anyone to hand my camera to. Since then they have gotten me out of the house more and helped me focus on the little things and sometimes big things that make each day unique.

These are the footpic rules that I choose to mostly follow.
1. I must be holding the camera and take the pic myself
2. Mostly centered composition (which can be weird as it obstructs the view!)
3. No extra feet in the view unless they are intrinsic to the setting and/ or event
4. No “staged” footpics
5. One pic a day…Give or take =P
6. No photoshoping!!


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