Thurs.June.23.2011. Went clover gazing in Winnipeg

This was my first official footpic, though I didn’t realize it had become a “thing” until halfway through the trip. Usually I’d have passed off my camera asking someone else to take over photographer duties so that I too could be in a couple shots. That wasn’t much of an option on this trip. And the footpic was born! (for me at least =p )

This shot in particular was a good spot in a hard day. I’m a clover gazer, always trying ot find another 4 leaf clover to add to my collection while weeding! Without applying a lot of what footpics have come to mean to me, I just wanted to remember it. To that end, it’s worked out nicely. I’ve kept at it for over a year now, taking footpics Nearly everyday.

Each one tells a story about that day but it also says a simple I Am Here! I am noticing the good things around me and if none find me I am damn well making them on my own! It’s been a really motivating focus in my life. Even in hard times there are still roses to stop and smell…and stand near.