Sun.Nov.03.2013. Timechange again! Arg! When will this be phased out?

So we jump straight from my first ever footpic to my latest one. There’s a big block of time in there, but after a lovely little motivational chat with one of the only bloggers I follow, I decided to follow her advice and leave my chronological OCD behind! Thanks Carolyn! (I’ll figure out how to link you on this later)

Timechanges are one of my personal pet peeves! Is the supposed benefit really worth the hassle and confusion…and possible car accidents? I am in the Hell No camp…even though I think I get to sleep in an hour longer at this end of it. That doesn’t make up for it to me. Saskatchewan has the way if it. No messing with the clocks!

Also featured….new backyard brickwork! The landlords didn’t put in the mini garden plots under the windows that I’d been advocating, but they do have to think long term. Not every tenant will be hoping to plant a pretty potager herb garden. Still, it was loads of fun watching all the steps of construction with my girls!

It’s not one of my most inspired shots, but it seemed… timely.
Har har har!